Here’s Everything You Need in One Place

Social Media Links and Accounts

(Social media management system; free version now with some limitations, can connect FB, Twitter, and one more that I’m not sure of yet here to program posts and tweets up to two weeks in advance.)


(Link shortener- I copy the full code with the gobbley-goo tracking letters at the end and shorten it here before tweeting so I can track the shares and reads.)


N/A- credentials granted to you




(Plugin already activated on site, showing up on bottom of posts to share via social media channels; provides additional tracking to Google Analytics to show how many times it’s shared and how many people clicked on the link; a “viral post” is one that has more reads than shares.)

Survey Monkey

Username: whitten
Password: surveytime


Call-In Lines for Programs

Call-in #: 559-726-1300
Host Code: 824663
Participant Code: 936619
*If you were helping me out, then you’d also call in on the Host Code so you could talk, and then *6 to mute and unmute yourself
**I am thinking about using this line for free calls that are open to people and the next line for the paid programs. But check with me when setting up autoresponders with the call-in information just to be sure. FreeConferenceCallHD is the only one at the current time that will allow me to play a previously recorded call live. So in the event I’m not able to make a call live and I need you to call in to the conference and start the recording, we’ll need to use this line for all of the calls in a paid program to keep the number the same and easy to remember for all of the participants. (may not be operational any longer)

Portal UserName:
Conference Dial-in Number: 218-862-1530
Conference Passcode: 932371#
Host ID: 617605
Portal Password: SetItUp

520-881-1219 (playback #)
Meeting ID: 313-417-093
Host PIN: 4302

Other Software and Programs

3-D E-Cover Creator
c627e9 (e-newsletter/autoresponder system)
User Name: twhitten
User Name: tammyw
Password: GroVer23!

Website Tools
(They make my themes. I have lifetime access to all of the templates that they have made or will ever make. This has the downloads for the templates and FAQs and tutorials for things with the templates and is a valuable resource.)

(Plugin on site that controls my landing pages and membership access; The “Help” section here has all kinds of tutorials on how to use and set up the various sections.)

Links to Files on Dropbox

(There is a folder in here of the “Private Practice Pics and Images.” It’s divided up by website, courses, social media, etc. to make it easy to find. If there’s a Photoshop file, it’s there beside it as well. My logos and headers are under the “Website” folder.”)
Nature Pics (divided by locale and season):
*My dropbox limit has been reached. 

Logo Details


Women Managing Stress: Pharmacy

Creating Happy Relationships, Kids, and Lives: Segoe Print


Website Colors

#B4CD3E      (light olive green; background of logo header; used on e-book and other promotional materials)

#006100   (dark green; text for logo, menu bar, and headings throughout website)

#FF429D    (hot pink; hyperlinks and accent pink for buttons; same pink as in the shirt I’m wearing in my pics)

#FF6F18      (orange; hover over hyperlinks; used sparingly on site as a way to pop and balance)

#F4B7C6    (pale pink; a background color for one of the widgets on the homepage, audio player that appears above blog posts, selected page on menu bar, buttons)