Give me less than an hour of your time and I’ll help you feel less stress and anxiety in your life in this free class

If you’ve ever woken up with a pit in your stomach, felt tense all over your body, experienced an overwhelming sense of dread, had no idea how to do all of the things you must get done, or maybe even felt a little bit nauseous when you think about the day in front of you, you know stress all too well.

Stress can make you do the things you swore you’d never do:

  • national stress awareness day callHave problems at work.
  • Be unable to concentrate.
  • Think that you can’t juggle everything on your plate.
  • Snap at your children.
  • Fight with your spouse.
  • Forget about a deadline.
  • Feel like you’re not worth anything.
  • Get sick.
  • Constantly worry.
  • Keep you from fulfilling your dreams.
  • Experience anxiety.
  • Focus on the negative.
  • Trust the bad things.

Stress has two very close cousins: anxiety and depression

Like the chicken and the egg, it’s often hard to tell if anxiety causes stress, or if stress causes depression, or vice versa. While the three differ, stress, anxiety, and depression often work hand in hand.  The symptoms for each one are so similar, but luckily, so are the solutions.

So if you’re ready to do anything to make that feeling go away, I’d like to invite you to give about 30 minutes of your time to join me, Tammy Whitten, for a free teleseminar on National Stress Awareness Day:

  Tammy Whitten dealing with stressfree national stress awareness day call3 Keys to Weeding Out Stress & Anxiety in Your Life

Thursday, April 16, 2015

12 noon Eastern/ 9am Pacific

It’s my way of turning a day about stress into a positive one that can actually help turn your life around. You’ll get access to the class, special handouts with tips you can use now, and a recording of the class to refer to at any time.

In order to join in, just enter your first name and email address into the boxes below, and check your inbox for an email with all of the details.

National Stress Awareness Day call recordingIf you’re not able to join us live for the call, no worries! As long as you sign-up, you’ll receive the recording so you can go back and listen to it again or at a more convenient time for you (like while you’re taking a walk around the neighborhood or driving home from work).

During our time together, I’m going to share with you:

  • 3 big things you can do that will make a huge difference in reducing your stress level
  • 4 ways to keep others from adding too much stress to your day
  • 7 things you may be doing that are actually hurting you
  • 1 thing that can drastically increase your success in weeding out your worry

Join National Stress Awareness Day CallI’ve even got a few special goodies to share with you, too, (since this is a special day and a celebration after all). So make sure to sign-up right now before you forget. You don’t want to wake up and wonder if things would be different if you had joined us (I’m all about living life with as few regrets as possible).

So I look forward to having you join me for this special, once a year teleseminar that’s focused on helping you feel happier, more at peace, and of course, less stressed and anxious!

Talk to you very soon!