Is it finally time for you to stop feeling so stressed and worried?

Have you done everything you know to do and followed the advice of your friends and family, only to find nothing's changed?

If you’re ready to stop juggling everything, feeling guilty for taking care of yourself, or feeling so behind, so tense, so stressed, and worried all of the time, I’m glad you’re here.


From Stressed Self to Best Self:

5 Steps to Weed Out Worry & Grow Your Happiness

An online workshop series

from October 2014- February 2015

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There’s an abundance of self-help books, well-meaning friends, and memes floating around- all of them full of advice on just what you should do to turn your life around. You may hear one thing and think, “Gee, that sounds like a good idea. I bet that would work.”

But soon, you find out that “wisdom” was just someone venting their own pain about a specific situation in their life. It just didn’t apply to you.

So you go back to dealing with the same pain and frustrations- all while looking for the real answer that will work for YOU in YOUR life. 

*temp*Something so essential in your life shouldn’t be that difficult to find. Finding the right direction and support shouldn’t be even more stressful than what you’re dealing with.

I don’t know about you, but I get so tired of people offering unhelpful advice that they wouldn’t even do in their own life. Many evenings on my way home from the office, I hear radio DJ’s telling callers what they should do to make their relationships better or that there’s no hope of changing. And I cringe because they don’t share what the professionals would tell you.

My heart breaks every time I hear a client beating herself up for not pleasing everyone around her, even though what they told her to do just wasn’t the right option for them.

So even though you’re trying and doing your best, are you:

  • convinced that no matter what you do, you’ll always feel this way?
  • tired of feeling guilty for not taking care of yourself?
  • feeling like the kids are ruling the house?
  • dealing with constant issues at work?
  • exhausted trying to juggle everything on your plate?
  • unsure what to say so that people understand you?
  • noticing your blood pressure rise because of all of the stress?
  • turning to food to cope with what’s happening in your life?
  • desperate for a break so you can just get away from it all for just a little while?


I totally get it.

Even though I’m a therapist, I’m also a woman who knows what it’s like to deal with stress and worry every day. Whether it’s home, family, work, or finances, I’m certainly not immune to all of those just things just because of what I do.

Some of my first memories are of trying to help and show kindness for others. It was the gift that kept on giving, and a win-win. I was taught by my family that asking for help was a sign of strength, not weakness.

DSC_2509But sadly, sometimes when I turned to people outside of my family for help, I was disappointed. Instead of listening to me, hearing my concerns, answering my questions, or pointing me in the right direction, I was instead criticized and made to feel like I just wasn’t good enough. No matter what I did, those people made me feel like my life just wasn’t meant to be happy.

And I was not going to accept that no matter what I did, I was going to feel sad, defeated, and always on edge for the rest of my life.

I was also not OK with anyone else being told those same things either. Especially when what they needed most was support and guidance.

So I became a helper. A marriage and family therapist to be exact.

I set off on the path to learn just what things would really help someone to be happy and healthy.

Sometimes when I heard some of those solutions, I scrunched up my face. That didn’t sound like it could be true. So I tried those things out in my own life. I found that some of those things indeed didn’t quite work right, while others were so helpful, so essential, and so simple, it was almost like magic (almost– I did have to actually do something 😉 ).


So let me ask you something: Are you willing to live the rest of your life, just like you’re living now?

Stressed to Best ProgramIs your current path taking you closer to your dream of being in a relationship? Being a mom? Finishing your degree? Doing work that you love? Feeling at ease in your own skin? Savoring the little moments of happiness that come along your way? Feeling confident? Being closer to your kids?


Then what are you going to do differently?

If you are looking for the next step that will take you closer to the happiness you’ve always yearned for in your life, and further away from worry and stress, then I’d like to invite you to join my new program, From Stressed Self to Best Self: 5 Steps to Weed Out Worry & Grow Your Happiness.

After working with women for nearly 14 years in various settings, I know that sometimes, no matter how badly you want to do something, it always seems like there’s something standing in the way. So instead of making progress, you put yourself on the back burner and nothing ever changes.

I’m not about that.

So I’ve created a program that combats many of things that may have gotten in your way in the past.

Have too many places to be as it is? You don’t have to go anywhere. 

Busy taking care of the kids? It starts at their bedtime. You don’t even need a babysitter.

Too tired to change out of your yoga pants?  Join in from your phone- no one will even know if you’re actually in bed listening in.

Low on funds? Our special bonus offer lets you join in the entire program for less than the cost of just one therapy session, massage, hair cut, or even a dress when you sign-up with a friend and split the price amongst yourselves. Take your lunch to work instead of eating out and you can save the money to pay for this in a couple of weeks!

Forget things? You’ll get reminders about our classes, handouts, and recordings.

Can’t make it live? Each week’s workshop will be recorded so you can listen to it when it’s convenient for you.

Got questions? The last 15 minutes of each workshop in the series will be open for you to ask your questions so you can really personalize what I shared just for your own life. You can email your questions to me before the class if you can’t make it live.

Feel like things haven’t worked in the past? You’re going to create your own personalized plan during our workshops that is tailored to fit your needs. And, as a bonus, we’ll connect for 4 more weeks after the workshops end in a special, private section of the website to help keep you on the path that you started.


See? I told you this could fit in your life!

Here’s what you’ll get in this program:

  • 4 additional workshops, 1 each month, that focuses on a different step in the process to weed out worry and grow your happiness
  • Live Q&A  during  each workshop to get guidance on how to personalize the step in your life
  • Recordings of each call so you can listen to each workshop as a refresher later or in case you can’t make the call live
  • Login LocationPrivate section on the website just for workshop participants where we will connect between the weekly sessions
  • BONUS: Templates, worksheets, and action plans to help you know where to focus your time and energy and to help you be successful in reaching your goals


You can register for one or a couple of steps that apply to you for $47 each. Or, you can get access to the entire course for just $147.

Click here to sign up for just Step 2, October 30: Create Customized Plans

Click here to sign up just for just Step 4, November 20: Build Better Boundaries

Click here to sign up just for Step 3, January 22, 2015: Curb Your Worries

Click here to sign up just for Step 5, February 12, 2015: Grow Closer in Your Relationships


Let’s do the math (because I know how much people hate running the numbers). You can work with me in my office for $65-$75 an hour, or you can get an hour with me in an intimate format for $47 (and without having to fight traffic). Plus, you can listen in again to the steps and tips whenever you want.

You can also get access to the whole program for just $147. If you were to pay separately for each step, it would be  $235 in the program (or in my office it would be over $300). That’s over 50% off.

You may be asking why I would offer something like this. There are actually several reasons.

For one, I don’t believe that everyone needs therapy. I think that everyone can benefit from tips and strategies where they learn how to work through some of life’s typical situations. That’s why I became a Certified Family Life Educator.

Another reason that drives what I do: I don’t believe people should miss out on support and tips because of money. Therapy can be very expensive. Health insurance is changing rapidly these days. So a big part of my vision is to offer solutions that are available to as many people as I can.

So if you are ready to change how you feel and to start feeling at peace living the life you’ve always hoped for, this is your opportunity to get the broken down support that you need, tailored just for your needs inside the program.


fromstressedtobestAnd just in case you’re interested in what some of the topics are that we’re going to cover, you’re in luck! Here’s a sneak peak at just some  of the things I’m going to share with you during this program:

  • Ways to help improve your sleep, concentration, and productivity
  • Methods that will help you get through your to-do list
  • What the “Productivity Trifecta” is
  • How to identify your strengths
  • Learn how strengths and growth areas are connected
  • Decipher if your personal expectations are actually hurting you
  • Create 3 different plans for each day that will allow you to effortlessly shift when your day suddenly becomes stressful
  • Tips to combat “Stinking Thinking”
  • Strategies for reducing your anxiety
  • Tools to know what worries you should focus on and which ones to let go off
  • Discover what personal boundaries will help you in your life
  • Learn how to implement those boundaries without fear and dread
  • How to enhance your communication skills to get answers, feedback, connection, and understanding
  • Ways to strengthen the relationships in your life- from friends to co-workers to roommates to children and spouses


So if any of this sounds like the next step you need in your life, be sure to sign-up now! I am really excited to share all of this with you. It will make a difference in your life!

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PS- If you want others to invest in you and to take time for you, then you need to be willing to do it for yourself. Even if they did give you the time and space to indulge in some of the things that you love, would you actually do it? Sign up and show them and you just how valuable you really are.

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